15 - 17 May 2020
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Course Maps

Course Maps

Swim course 750m (1 lap), 1.5km (2 laps)

Swim course 1.9km (1 lap), 3.8km (2 laps)

Tip: select "Satellite" in the upper right corner of the map to see the area around the course.

Bike course

The bike course will take place in and out of Reuver. The different distances will show athletes the beautiful scenery of Reuver, Beesel, Swalmen and the German city of Brüggen.

You can choose between the following distances:

  • 90km (1 lap)
  • 180km (2 laps)


Run course 6.5km (1 lap)


Run course 10km (1 lap)


Run course 21.1km (1 lap), 42.2km (2 laps)


  • Gemeente Beesel
  • NTB
  • Let's Do This