15 - 17 May 2020
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Where to Eat

Where to Eat

Herberg de Bongerd

Markt 13, 5954 BH Beesel, Netherlands

Hotel (small), restaurant, located at the square of Beesel where the AID station goes, local people will make this a hotspot.

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Luxor Reuver

Rijksweg 18, 5953 AE Reuver, Netherlands

Place where we had lunch with the Elderman. Would be fun to say that they have a movie theater where you can eat while you watch a movie. The food in general is really good. 

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De witte Stein

Keulseweg 193, 5953 HJ Reuver, Netherlands

Big restaurant (breakfast, lunch, dinner) with playground, on the bike course, right at the border from holland to Germany. 

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't Raodhoes

Antoniusplein 2 5921 GV Venlo-Blerick

A fancier restaurant. Located near Raadhuisplein (start-/finish location)

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Markt 7, 5954 BH Beesel, Netherlands

Restaurant and bar, also located at the Beesel square. 

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