17 - 19 May 2019
Race Pack Results FAQS


For children from 6 years old it is possible to participate in Long Course weekend Holland – Beesel too! Like the adults, they can choose from the different disciplines they want to participate in, or they do all 3 disciplines and take a Long Course Weekend. For each agegroup it is possible to collect the fourth medal when they have completed all 3 disciplines.

There will also be an award ceremony after each discipline and on Sunday, after the run awards, there will be a Long Course Weekend Kids & Juniors award ceremony. The following agegroups can join:

Agegroup 1 – 6/7 years as of 17-05                 
Agegroup 2 – 8/9 years as of 17-05                 
Agegroup 3 – 10/11 years as of 17-05             


Agegroup 4 – 12/13 years as of 17-05             
Agegroup 5 – 14/15 years as of 17-05             


The starting time of each discipline and the award ceremonies are included in the program. A specific timetable per agegroup and more information about courses and distances follows as soon as possible.


Kids & Juniors Swim 50 m


Kids & Juniors Swim 100 m


Kids & Juniors Swim 250 m


Kids & Juniors Swim 400 m


Kids & Juniors Bike/Run 1 km


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